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Areas of Practice

Transportation Law

Corporate law

PJM has experience handling investigations, arbitrations and lawsuits involving trucks, boats, trains and most any other mode that transports people or goods. We offer experienced, skilled and practical counsel to the commercial transportation industry. Our attorneys represent transportation and logistics businesses in personal injury, property loss, cargo loss and damage, subrogation, Jones Act, insurance coverage and commercial claims in the fields of trucking, logistics services, motor coach (specialized passenger transport), maritime, bus and railroad. Our team of attorneys is fluent in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, Carmack Amendment issues, and all other aspects of state and federal law.

We have assisted our clients in developing major accident-investigation protocols. We also support our clients with critical response teams — responding within minutes and arriving on-site at serious accidents to supervise, coordinate and assist in investigations. In addition, we counsel clients on the multiple legal issues arising at accident scenes, such as preserving relevant evidence and assessing the scene and vehicles involved.