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Peterson, Johnson & Murray, Chicago LLC, publishes this web site ( as a service to our clients and friends. We want you to understand the terms and conditions under which we provide this service, and would ask that you carefully read the following:


“We”, “Our”, and “Us” refer to Peterson, Johnson & Murray, Chicago LLC

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“Site” and “web site” refer to all pages accessible at “”.

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  2. We welcome you to contact us with questions or comments regarding this site. However, the mere act of contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship, and any information you disclose in such contact is not privileged, and may be disclosed to others. We do, however, welcome the opportunity to represent you in accordance with our usual procedures for accepting new clients.
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  4. While the Internet is a convenient, fast, and inexpensive way to communicate, it is not completely secure. There is a chance, however remote, that electronic mail you send to us may be wrongfully intercepted by a third party. Confidential information you transmit to us could be intercepted and disseminated without your knowledge. If you are a client, and you choose to transmit confidential information to us via Internet electronic mail, you expressly waive any claim against Peterson, Johnson & Murray, Chicago LLC, in the event that such information is intercepted or disseminated by a third party. You further expressly acknowledge that transmission of confidential data to us via Internet electronic mail may, in part, constitute a waiver of the attorney-client privilege.
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